Model Number: LSE4611ST
Brand: LG
Age: 1-5 years

The ďBAKEĒ operation of my oven has changed. I now have a hotspot at the back of the oven and cooler near the door and Iím not getting accurate heat readings (50 degrees cooler than display). I think Iíve figured out the operation of the oven - First, thereís no bottom element with this unit (even hidden under the oven); when BAKING, the conv element, the broiler element and the conv fan work together (Iím guessing the fan works at a lower speed then the COVECTION setting). Both the elements come on, but I donít think the fan is coming on. Also, fan does not appear to be coming on during the convection cycle. Iíve checked the ohm reading for the fan and all the elements and the oven sensor - they are normal. I also have continuity on the white neutral wires coming from the power supply connection to the fan and itís fine. Am I down to only the control board as the likely culprit? Is there anything else I should test before I order one?