Model Number: DV42H5400
Brand: Samsung
Age: 1-5 years

Hi everyone,
I have a Samsung dryer model: DV42H5400 that shuts off after 2 minutes on a sensor setting. Manual settings are fine, and continues to dry.

So far I have tested and or replaces the following:
1. Thermostat and temperature fuses - replaced, issues still presists.
2. Removed the duct, cleaned, and tested the dryer without the duct being attached - issue still present.
3. Placed it in Smart Install Mode and checked the moisture sensors with a wet wipe and they were fine. I also checked them for continuity and that was fine.
4. In Smart Mode, I checked the motor and heater and it OK message showed. I checked for continuity and that was fine too.

What am I missing? Everything I've seen online so far is either the thermostat, temp fuse, or moisture sensors.