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Thread: UO error, vent fan assembly starts and stops

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    Question UO error, vent fan assembly starts and stops

    Model Number: FGHD2465NF1A
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    The bezel that screws on to the underside of the vent assembly came off during a load a few weeks back. Puzzled, I thought it was a piece from a blender we'd thrown out, and tossed it. *facepalm*

    After a few weeks we started getting a UO error, which Google told me was a "vent open" issue. For some reason, stopping the cycle and closing the dishwasher would start a drain cycle, and when it was done it would work again. Well, this "hack" stopped working last week and then Google pointed out that I'd tossed a piece of the dang machine.

    I ordered a replacement bezel, and installed it last night, but we're still getting the UO error. This morning I took the assembly apart completely and gently cleaned everything with 70% USP alcohol and let it dry before reassembling. The fan starts and stops a few times, popping open the vent when it's on, but after 3-4 attempts it stops and gives the UO error again.

    Any ideas what the problem could be? I would really hate to have to spend $100+ on a replacement vent (I'm in Canada). Thank you so much for your input!
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