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Thread: Samsung Dryer

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    Samsung Dryer

    Model Number: DV393ETPAWE/A1
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    Hello everyone. Hopefully this is a simple issue to fix.
    Samsung Dryer not heating.
    No error codes.
    The first thing I checked was the power coming in. It is an electric Dryer 240v I tested at the terminal both lines were giving 120v.
    2nd. I tested the Blue and Black wires at the Relay on the circuit board.
    This is where I stopped. they both gave less than 1volt. The black when the dryer was off gave a 0.6v AC and when the dryer was turned on and running the blue gave the same 0.6v AC. This is where I stopped now I am not sure if its something before the relay or its the circuit board. s

    The only other thing was the dryer was making a slight rattle noise the previous night when drying. Do I just assume its the circuit board here or do I dig deeper? Would a broken heating element give the low voltage or something upstream from the relay give the low voltage?

    Edit Update: I tested the Ohm for the Heating element: 11 ohm, The thermal limit was 2 ohms and the high was 6 ohms. So they all have resistance in the correct range and continuity. Nothing was shorted.

    The only thing left to test is the thermister but I am not getting any error codes. I guess the centrifugal switch would be the other thing to test.

    If the relay is reading less than 1 volt on the blue and the black output should I just go with replacing the circuit board?
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