Model Number: GDF570SGJ4CC
Brand: GE
Age: 1-5 years

This GE dishwasher just passed its one year birthday, and stopped heating.
Unfortunately it is just outside of the warranty period.

The heating element was suspect so it was replaced. Did not resolve the issue.

We were told that perhaps it was the flood assembly, that supposedly has a thermo sensor built in.
That was not the problem because, despite what repair company said, this unit did not have that particular flood assembly unit.

I did more research and found that the Turbidity sensor (GE MFG Part WD21X22830) in other competitors dishwashers, such as Whirlpool, has thermo sensing to relay temp to the control board.

Yet no one I can find can tell me if that is the case with this GE part.

Hoping someone on this forum has the answer.