Model Number: wrf736sdam13
Brand: Whirlpool
Age: 1-5 years

I have a Whirlpool French door refrigerator (wrf736sdam13). Weve been having issues with for a while. It started with water leaking from the ice maker, very slowly and little bits. One day, the ice maker stopped working entirely. After a few hours, me unplugging and replugging. It started working again and worked again for over a year. One day we noticed the ice maker started to drip again slowly For a few weeks and then suddenly stopped working. I ran all diagnostics tests and determined the ice maker itself was faulty. I kept getting 02 when doing test number 59 and didnt hear any motor or anything running in the ice maker. It took me a few months to be able to replace it, but I finally did and it started producing ice again!

Now it seems another issue has started within a day of it working again. The ice maker will produce a few batches of ice and then it stops! When I now run the diagnostic test 59 it says 01 and I can hear the motor moving so Im pretty sure the new ice maker I put in is working fine. I will do test number 45 to fill the ice maker with water and I can hear the noise as if its filling it but when I put my hand in, no water is there. I can feel little frozen bits but its definitely not filling with water. I unplugged the fridge for a few hours, plug it back in and then it works again. A few batches and then the same thing happens. Im not sure if some line is freezing or if something else is happening. Any ideas?