Model Number: RF18HFENBSR/AA
Brand: Samsung
Age: 1-5 years

Hi Parts Dr,

Thanks for all the informative videos on troubleshooting and installation. My refrigerator is not cooling well enough. (The freezer is working fine though).

- I've narrowed the problem down to the defrost system not working (Forced defrost mode on fridge still does not turn on defrost system, back panel of the fridge keeps fully icing up.)

- I've replaced the defrost heater and thermostat using parts purchased from parts dr.
- I've also replace the evaporator fan just in case also from parts purchased from parts dr.
- I've tested the thermistor's and resistance is within tolerance for room temperature and ice water.
- I've narrowed the problem down to the control board. (unless there is something else to look at).

I need guidance on which control board to test and replace. (There are 3 circuit boards on the top panel of my refrigerator) - I've attached an image to the forum.

Please direct me to the correct master control board part to test and replace. More than happy to buy part from Parts Dr.Click image for larger version. 

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Thanks in advance!