Model Number: DV5471aep/xac
Brand: Samsung
Age: 6-10 years


In February, our Samsung dryer suddenly stopped heating. Repair man replaced the heating coil. Old one looked burned out. The dryer worked fine after that...

Until last week. Again, it stopped heating. Not 100% sure yet If that it is the same issue, but it is the exact scenario as in February. Again, the repair man replaced the heating coil.

Once repaired, put the first load to time dry and worked fine. My wife put the second load to towels setting and we notice no heat when we came back to the load. Now the heat won’t work on any cycle. Can’t be just the coil for a third time!!!

I see from the forum that lint build up is often the cause of heating coil problem. I clean the lint screen EVERY time I use the dryer as well as every few months vacuum down in the compartment for the lint tray. When we took the dryer apart in February we throughly vacuumed under, in, and around (same last week). Our vent goes directly from the dryer out the wall is sits on. 1', rigid pipe. It is clean as well. In February, I accepted that lint build up may be the culprit since we had the dryer for about 8 years, but now? I can't believe that is the cause.

Are there other known issues with Samsung that would cause the heating coil to go bad? Also, we’ve noticed the on time dry the dryer will stop after a few minutes. Could that be another symptom?

Thanks in advance!