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Thread: Samsung French Door Fridge leaking water

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    Samsung French Door Fridge leaking water

    Model Number: RF28HFEDTSR
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    So I noticed a few days ago that there was water running down the left side of our fridge( at this point it is a very small drip, drips more when you are dispensing water). I took the top plastic vanity cover off the top of the fridge to inspect things. On the left side of the fridge there is the water line that goes to the in door water dispenser. and there is a big group of sealed wires coming out of the top just behind the hinge. There is water that is coming up that port for the wires and leaking. the wires have foam insulation around them and you can see the water dripping from there. it does not look like the water is coming out of the group of wires (which is all grouped together is a larger clear tube. I can also see a small leak on the water line where the disconnect is. that should be an easy enough fix. What i need help with is were could that water possible be coming from that large group of wires? I pulled the ice maker tray in the fridge and did not see any leaks or any major frost build up. If it would help anyone i could take a few photos of what i am talking about tonight when i get home from work. I am hoping someone else has had this issue and is an easy fix or i would settle for a harder fix but at least something that can be fixed without needing to pay a tech to come out or getting a whole new fridge. thanks for any advice/help

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    I just observed the same problem, leak on outside left portion of my Samsung fridge. Removed the top and found water leaking from a port where wires are coming out. If the ice maker is on it will stream consistently. With the ice maker off and I am not dispensing water, the leak stops.

    Did you ever get a resolution for this issue?


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