Model Number: SGS0905AU/01
Brand: Bosch
Age: More than 10 years

Hi there,
I really can't work this one out!

- Bosch Logixx Dishwasher SGS0905AU/01
- Draining motor runs when any program cycle starts, but it does not stop and never fills with water
- I have checked the float, it is down, cleaned, no water present in bottom of machine either
- I have checked with multimeter the microswitches for the float and they are fine
- I have replaced the Aquastop-Valve (00267839) with new, but that didn't change anything
- If I cancel the program, either having manually added some water to machine or not, the drain motor will run, drain the machine and end the cycle as normal
- I have disassembled totally, cleaned all hoses, confirmed no kinks in water inlet hose
- I have disconnected drain hose from heat exchanger to allow drain pump to run with hose at ground level, drain pump just continued to run
- I've removed aquasensor from heater and and cleaned it and the housing/plug, but it wasn't really dirty.
- This issue occurred during a cycle, now it is constant

So all I can think is that for some reason the machine is not being triggered that the pre program drain has complete which triggers the aquastop valve, then allows water to enter the heat exchanger (skinny water reservoir) and the cycle to start.
If anyone has any input I would greatly appreciate it!

Here is product part diagram -