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Thread: Frigidaire S/S #4 flashing

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    Frigidaire S/S #4 flashing

    Model Number: FRS6HR5HB4
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    My Frigidaire s/s stopped cooling and the temp indicator light kept flashing 4. Had checked by repair service. He said did not know when would be able to get part because it was backordered from Pennsylvania. I located part on internet and got in six days. Installed part and appeared to start correctly except that there was a clicking in or around the damper motor. Temp indicator eventually started flashing 4. Is the problem in the damper motor instead of the control board. BTW He said it was not the damper.

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    The number 4 flashing on the fresh food side usually indicates that the refrigerator failed the damper test on start up. It can be caused by a bad damper or a bad control board. Normally the damper does not make a clicking noise, although you should hear the motor running when it opens or closes the damper. Can you see anything stuck or broken on the damper assembly? Also check that all the wires are hooked up properly to the damper.

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