Model Number: MVWB855DC3
Brand: Maytag
Age: 1-5 years

My Bravos XL washer control panel does not respond to touch (power button or other) and has no indicators that the board is powered. I removed the control panel and checked the voltages on the wiring assembly connected to what appears to be a power supply and control distribution board under the control panel. The assembly has 3 wires (black, yellow, blue). The black wire has 5V, the other two wires show 0 volts. I've ordered the control panel replacement but want to do additional verification to make sure there are no other issues lurking. Can anyone verify the power to the control panel is in fact 5V on the black wire suggesting the failure is only in the control panel and that the power supply and control distribution board (not sure it's actual name) is not a suspect in the failed washer.