Model Number: 665 13739 K601
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: More than 10 years

The light indicating "clean" sometimes flashes slowly. When this happens the washer will not start. I am able to reset the "board" by pressing several times the "High Temp" and "Heated Dry" buttons, which cause all the lights on the front to go on. I turn them all off, and reset the board by pressing "cancel." I have replaced the board, but the "problem" light still cycles on every few days. The repair person I spoke with, who suggested replacing the board, asked me at the start if the dishwasher heated water. I thought that it did, since it was warm. I now think that the dishwasher itself does not heat water beyond the hot water from the hot water heater.

My next move is to work on getting the dishwasher to heat the water to its previous red-hot temperature.

Any ideas on how I do this?