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Thread: GE Monochrome Stove Hood lights tuck on after recent Lightning

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    GE Monochrome Stove Hood lights tuck on after recent Lightning

    Model Number: ZVC36L4SS
    Brand: GE
    Age: 1-5 years

    Hi guys I'm having issues with my stove hood lights being stuck on after some recent local lightning (not sure if the lightning is a factor, I bring it up as it damaged local phone lines, etc.)

    Immediately after the lightning we went to use the hood lights and one of the 2 lights burned out and then the other light remained on and would not turn off even though the control panel was off.

    Lights could be turned off at the internal switch seen with in the hood after removing the hood filters and when turning off the breaker at the fuse box.

    The fan controls (low, medium, high) are working properly.

    The light bulb was replaced and it works but the lights still remain on and are unresponsive to the hood controls.

    Does this sound like a control board issue ( or a fuse issue?

    I'm not sure where the fuses are or how to check them.


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    Has anyone else had a similar scenario?

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