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Thread: Ge french door refrigerator not producing ice

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    Exclamation Ge french door refrigerator not producing ice

    Model Number: PFSS6PKWBSS
    Brand: GE
    Age: 1-5 years

    Within a year of purchasing a GE French door refrigerator, I have had problems with it: lots of frost inside the freezer, a very loud "angry" motor sound, and now no ice! I am thankful that I purchased the extended warranty, but no amount of years on a warranty has helped to solve my issues with this refrigerator. I decided on this make because I had a GE from the 80's that was still working, but it was a side-by-side, and I wanted more space inside a frig to store sheet size food items. I just recently (Aug) had to put my 80's frig to "rest" because it finally died for good and there was no way to repair it due to it's age and the new laws on appliances.

    Anyway back to this 2007 frig that has become a nightmare on FL street! The first issue with the frost was "repaired" by replacing the freezer gasket and making adjustments to the freezer temp. The angry motor sound eventually stopped for the most part, but every once in awhile I will hear a faint growling, but not as often as before. This was a puzzle for the tech who came out, and it didn't make the noise when he was here. It was a good thing that I recorded it on my smartphone and demonstrated when the sound made the noise at the time I would open the freezer door. The jury is still out on why this noise was happening. Tech vacuumed out the frost and checked the gasket and temp and then it was hoping for the best. Maybe I have a possessed refrigerator! Oh yeah, I do get water just fine and I do replace my filter when the light comes on.

    Now it's not making ice after three trips by the GE tech man. First he replaced the ice maker unit, then he replaced the fan assembly and now I'm waiting for the tech to come back AGAIN because I still don't have any ice - no one cube!! My extended warranty is about to expire and I would really like this to get fixed or discover there is a recall on this model.

    If you have any suggestions or can shed any light on this matter, I would greatly appreciated it. My GE tech man may appreciate the help too.

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    I would put a thermometer in the ice maker compartment (leave it in there for a good 6-12 hours) to make sure it is getting cold enough to make ice. Let me know what you find.
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    After many visits from GE service, the extended warranty insurance company has declared my frig a LEMON and I was able to receive full value for a new refrigerator at my appliance store.

    Just today I have another issue - my Amana super capacity electric dryer model ALE643RBW has a problem - the drum has stopped turning. Can you tell me what the issue might be and what I need to tell my repair man when I call him? It still turns on and heats. The drum will not turn and is difficult to turn by hand. What is the problem? Thank you for your help!!

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