Model Number: Rf267aers
Brand: Samsung
Age: 6-10 years

Hi, fridge lost power recently. It did not restart, everything thawed out. Unplugged fridge...waited 5 minutes..plugged back in..all it did was click, hum for 2 seconds, click noise. If I leave the fridge unplugged for 8 hours..plug it back in..everything works fine. Compressor starts..everything is back to normal. I unplugged it again..waited 5 minutes..plugged in..again click, hum and click. No compressor, or compressor fan for that matter. While in this state, I tried the ff1,ff2 and ff3 mode. The compressor worked fine while in force freeze...not the case when in normal mode. Left fridge unplugged again for 8 hours..she fired right up. Thermal relay show’s continuity, the ohms on compressor test 10 on each pin. Sensing it may be the start relay on the control board. Assume I can’t use a 3 in 1 starter for this..since the relays are built into the board. Any ideas if I am on the correct path? Anything else it could be?