Model Number: DV218AEW
Brand: Samsung
Age: 6-10 years

We have a Samsung Dryer, Model DV218AEW, that we are having a random issue with.

When it shuts off the screen goes black for about 10-15 minutes roughly then the power comes back on and you can continue drying. The odd thing is when you open the door the light inside the tub still works and comes on. Its just the control panel up top that goes out. This usually occurs on the second load of clothes when drying. The first load usually completes fine.

This has gone on for about a year and in that time this is what we have replaced or fixed on it:

Heating element: this went out about 2 months after this started doing this shut off thing. Replaced it but issue still continues.

Motor: It was cheap to replace and after looking online i really thought this would fix it. Still shutting off

Dryer vent: We had a company come out and cleaned it thoroughly about 6 months ago and the air flow seems good on the outside.

I also replaced the thermistor and thermostat when I replaced the heating element.

I am kinda at a loss of whats left that if could be. Searching online I have seen talk of the main panel possibly being it but figured I would start here before sinking anymore money in it.