Model Number: 665.14573N610
Brand: Sears Kenmore
Age: 1-5 years

I tried checking the thermostat using a hot plate and it tested fine. Then I tried ohming the element and it seemed to be okay. I don't get any heat coming from the element when doing a cycle.

I just found how to run a diagnostic on it and i hit the buttons, 123 123 123 and close the door. The numbers, F5, E1, F7,E1,F8,E1, F-,E- come up then it does a 10 minute cycle or so and lights up F8, E1, F-, E-. None of these codes are ever together. Which should I pay attention to? After the cycle is done or before? What does F- and E- mean? I can find other sets, but not those. I never see a set at a time on the screen like F8E1, it's always F8, then changes to E1. Thanks in advance! -John