Model Number: Brand: Age: Model Number: Brand: Age: Model Number: Brand: Age: Model Number: PSC23SGMCBS Brand: GE Age: 15 Years For about a month now my GE Refrigerator M Series PSC23SGMCBS intermittently stops cooling and makes a clicking sound every few seconds until i open and close the side-by-side doors multiple times until the lights on the water and ice panel on the outside of the fridge come back on and then it starts cooling again. Typically the temps rise to about 10 degrees in the freezer and 44 degrees in the fridge. It starts working again and cools for many hours and then I wake up in the morning to a clicking fridge and begin the cycle over again. After reading a few posts and youtube videos my best guess is I need to replace the main control board (Part # PD00035991Mfg # WR55X10110).
I haven't pulled the fridge out from the wall yet and guessing I have a ton of dust collected back there from over the years but wanted to ask here what my best next steps are?