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Thread: Whilpool top load clicking, no spin

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    Whilpool top load clicking, no spin

    Model Number: 395392
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: More than 10 years

    Hello all, I have what seems to be an odd issue with my whirlpool top loading washing machine.

    It currently will not run the rinse or spin cycles, but the washer is spinning. I have a video someone else posted, that is nearly identical to my noise. There problem turned out to be a short circuit with the motor start switch, but I can't find anything noticable with mine. I will be borrowing a multimeter tomorrow to test the capacitor and motor switch.
    Here's the video of what the clicking sounds like, it is very loud, and clicks many many times, seems to be coming from the motor(Which appeared to get VERY hot, I assume that isn't normal), which I would love to not have to replace.

    It is also worth noting that the washing machine has had problems on and off for awhile(Never clicking like this) I noticed the drum was not spinning(Did appear to agitate)I took the machine apart, and the motor coupler is in very good shape, I ended up replacing the clutch because it was in terrible shape, and when I put everything back together, the drum now appears to spin again.

    if I run the washer, it seems to fill up, agitate, and go through the beginning process as normal, then clicks and does not run the rinse or spin cycles properly. To be positive that it was not the lid switch, I bypassed the lid switch according to a tutorial, and the clicking still persists, and appears to be the motor.

    I also pulled apart the motor start switch, and the contacts inside between the outer most pins where the "switch" part appears to be was very dirty, so I cleaned the contacts as well as I could.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. It is seeming like a replacement motor would take care of the problem, but I am hoping to avoid that if I can. Since the clicking is a brand new problem that started after I worked on it, I am hoping there's just something I screwed up, but nothing seemed out of place.

    Thanks in advance! (Sorry if the model number is wrong, it was the part number on the schematic inside of the washing machine)

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    Small update, after going through everything on the motor, switch, and wires, everything was put back together and all functions appeared to test fine. When attempting to do a full load, the motor overheated and would not go through the rinse and spin cycles, after allowing an hour or so for everything to cool down, it appears again to function in all positions of the cycle, and did go through the rinse and spin cycles on their own.

    From this, I am assuming that the timer is good because it seems to work properly in all positions on it's own. I am also assuming the capacitor is good, or I do not think the motor would be running consistently when it's cool. This leads me to believe that it is either the motor, or the motor start switch. or the centrifugal switch. The start switch appeared to be wired directly to the motor, but I have seen mention of replacing the switch itself, so i assume I can cut the wires and splice a new switch on, but to be honest I think my best bet is replacing the entire motor and switch as an assembly.

    If anyone has any suggestions, or thinks I am either way off, or going in the right direction, I would still appreciate any help.

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    If anyone comes here with similar problems, replacing the motor took care of the noise, and has the machine running again. So chances are, if you have a heavy repeating clicking noise coming from the motor, it's overheating, and not running full wash cycles, you probably just need a motor.

    Some information I read mentioned that it could also be the timer, but in my case the motor alone was the issue.

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    On the off chance that it more than once makes a bizarre ticking or clicking commotion, there may be a stuck thing in the washer channel. Investigate the clothes washer, the channel, and all pockets of dress things to ensure there are no coins or other little items that are getting tossed into the wash.

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