Model Number: TRX22PP
Brand: GE
Age: More than 10 years


I’m hoping anyone can help me find the right part. My refrigerator is GE
(Model - TRX22PPDABS, Serial TZ291699).

For the last few weeks I have noticed frozen water at the bottom of the
freezer door. Today that ice is now water and it sounds like the compressor
wont start. I can hear clicks from the compressor from trying to start
every few minutes but it wont turn on. I have cleaned out the condenser
coils, fan, and everything around the compressor. The previous owners of
this house had replaced the defrost heater twice in last 10 years.

So far I have tested the following with these results:

Start Relay (part WR07X10099) With Ohms being set to the 200 level it reads
with a continuity beep and 8.9 OHMS ( I believe this is only supposed to be
about 5 Ohms)

Overload for the relay: tested set to 200 Ohm level reads with continuity
beep and 0.3 Ohms

Defrost Heater “part WR51X10101” is a double element and one side is
jumpered between the two elements. When I read the ohms at the “200”
setting between the blue and pink terminals (one for each element) it reads
26 ohms. When I remove the jumper between the elements and test the
terminals at each end of a single element, the reading is 14.1 Ohms.

I am hoping you could tell me if the readings I have are normal for these
parts. If not, I would definitely like to place an order

Thank you for any and all help