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Thread: GE Washing Machine Noise

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    GE Washing Machine Noise

    Model Number: Wnse6280b2ww
    Brand: GE
    Age: 6-10 years

    My current washer makes extreme loud noise (squeaking) during wash cycle. I believe it can be fixed by replacing the transmission, what do you think? Is it worth the replacement part or just purchasing a new unit?

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    Squeaking noises more commonly come from the suspension components on these washers. You will have to determine if the noise is coming from the transmission or not. The transmission could have an internal failure that is causing it to be noisy. If it is coming from the transmission, then you will have to replace the transmission. Replacing the transmission is quite a bit cheaper than a new washing machine, but you will have to determine if the rest of the machine is worth putting the money into or not. Let me know what you find.

    This is the transmission for your washer:

    Transmission & Brake Assembly - WH38X10002
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    No, if you replace a part or even buy a whole new unit, after a while you're going to face the same problem. A new unit may not sound that loud initially, but eventually it will.

    The loud noise from the washing machine will soon or later will resume again. You need to look for the permanent solution for this. You can consider shifting your laundry room to another room. But it may not work with everyone. The white noise will somehow travels through the walls and reach your years anyway.

    I've solved my issue through soundproofing my laundry room. The soundproofing products were much cheaper than buying a new washing machine or even cheaper than replacement parts(which are eventually tend to make noise).

    Using anti-vibration pads for your washing machine can stop the noise from leaking into the floor.

    This How To SoundProof My Laundry Room guide will surely take you through all cheap and easy ways to quieten your washing machine.

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