Model Number: WA50F9A8DSP
Brand: Samsung
Age: 6-10 years

[also posted as a comment on a YouTube video]

My top loading WA50F9A8DSP/A2 has the ND code and won't drain. It doesn't finish the rinse+spin cycle and the timer gets stuck at the moment the water should start getting drained and there's a quiet humming noise and a burning smell. The burning smell has my husband think that the drain pump motor is shot and needs to be replaced with the part in your video, but it's not cheap and I wonder if it might be a different thing that's burning. Getting a tech to come see us will take another 4 days, then ordering the part is at least a week. Our washer's been out since Tuesday (5 days). Any advice?

We already took out the drain pump to check if anything was stuck or blocking it, but it was clear, so we put it back and followed the tech info manual's section called "Will not drain".
1. Board Input Test Mode: water temps are good.
2. Extra we wanted to do to confirm it was spinning: Quick Spin Test Mode: high RPM is good
3. Quick Test Mode: Couldn't do the "Drain Pump Test" in Quick Test Mode because our panel wasn't showing the correct options. The version number appears and if we are to follow the "will not drain" instructions, we'd turn the knob (which way?) and press the spin button. However, once we rotate the knob, we get different options such as TST, EOT and SPN. We tried putting it on TST and on SPN, but with both options, when we press the spin button, the "no spin" light comes on and nothing happens. Maybe we're missing something?

Thanks for your help!