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Thread: GE Cafe CFE29TSDBSS refrigerator freezing

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    GE Cafe CFE29TSDBSS refrigerator freezing

    Model Number: CFE29TSDBSS
    Brand: GE
    Age: 6-10 years

    Last week my fridge stopped cooling. After looking into it I found the evaporator fan was seized. I replaced the fan and everything seemed good.

    The next morning the water dispenser in the door was frozen and everything in the bottom drawer and lower shelf was froze. The only stuff that was still liquid was on the very top shelf. I read it could be a thermistor or a stuck damper for the fresh food drawer. I ordered a new damper assembly that comes with its own little evaporator fan. I also bought a thermoster.

    Today I found out there are three thermistors, one on the center top ceiling, one in the fresh food drawer, and one on the evaporator line. I put the new one in ice water and measured around 13.5 k ohms. The fresh food drawer and top thermistor was within 1 k ohm, the one on the evaporator line was about 2 k ohms higher. Since I had a new one I changed the evaporator line thermistor since it was the most off. I also installed the new fresh food drawer damper and fan and plugged it in. After about 3 or 4 hours of running the display on the door said inside temp was 50 but the cup of water I placed on the bottom shelf was already starting to get surface ice on it.

    Has anyone seen this or know what it could be? I'm thinking I could just replace the other 2 thermistors since they are cheap and see if it changes anything. When I picked up my fan to replace the original siezed one there was another guy there saying he just had the same thing happen to his ge fridge... he said fridge trying to turn the stuck fan had messed up his control bard and caused the LED lights to dim, so he had to replace that as well. Is a bad control board a possibility here? Or anything else that I should check? I am not a appliance tech so anything from anyone with experience would be helpful.


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    After looking at these service and training slides it looks like the deli drawer control board controls the deli damper and fan based off the reading that the deli drawer thermistor registers. Since it seams like the freezing problem is coming from the deli drawer could the deli control board be the issue? Everything in the deli drawer is frozen solid.. and everything in the drawer and shelf above it will freeze as well.Click image for larger version. 

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