Model Number: PVD28BYNES
Brand: GE
Age: 1-5 years

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The repair man said I needed an entire new ice maker (which is on 6 month back order), but I discovered the ice maker was simply not getting cold enough. The water line is working fine. It gets down to only 40 degrees F and the water never freezes.

After reading these forums, I tried buying a new control board, but the freezer fan to the ice compartment still wasn't working. I then bought a new fan and installed it yesterday, and it is also not working. I'm afraid the original fan shorted the original control board, then shorted the new control board I installed, and now the new fan is working off of a shorted control board so it won't run either. I've started a loop of failure.

Before I spend another $100 for a second (or third, I guess) control board, I wondered if you smart folks would agree that is what I should try. I am not good with measuring voltage but I could learn. I could also try defrosting the fridge to see if the vent to the ice maker is frosted, but I've been reluctant given the wife's reaction to that idea.

Incidentally, all of this happened literally one day after the warranty expired.

Open to any ideas. Thanks in advance!