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Thread: 2015 Maytag mzf34x20dw00 freezer stopped maintaining temperature

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    2015 Maytag mzf34x20dw00 freezer stopped maintaining temperature

    Model Number: mzf34x20dw00
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: 6-10 years

    Newb here looking for some advice.

    My 2015 Maytag mzf34x20dw00 freezer stopped maintaining a temperature around 0 and is slowly rising to 20. I emptied it and let it defrost. It maintained temps around 0 for a month and is slowly rising in temperature again. I opened the panel inside the freezer and found a golf ball size+ ice cube in the top left hand side of the coil. Image is upside down

    Is this a defrost drain problem? I need to unplug it and melt it again and inspect. Looking for advice on what might be wrong. Still learning how the defrost system works. Thanks in advance.
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