Model Number: MFI2067AES5
Brand: Maytag
Age: 6-10 years

Hey folks! Been having some trouble with this fridge and would welcome any insight or advice any of you might have.

Earlier this year, we opened the door and noticed several cans of pop had frozen and exploded. Put a thermometer inside and noticed it was around 10 degrees F in the fridge. Did the same with the freezer and it was -20 degrees F. Looked online and the most common cause for this symptom seemed to be the thermistors. Replaced the fridge thermistor, no change. Replaced the freezer one, no change. Unplugged and let it thaw completely over a few days. Plugged it back in, no change. Confirmed the code that had been entered in the board matched what was posted inside the fridge. Had a local appliance guy come out, who diagnosed a bad damper motor as it seemed the door was open when it shouldn’t be. Made sense to us and matched some accounts we’d read online. Had him swap it out, no change. I went through the whole unit, ensuring the coils underneath were clean and any area accessible in the back were vacuumed and clean, no change. While back there, ensured the fan was clean, turning smoothly, and running. I finally opted to replace the control board. No change.

We’re at a loss on what else could be the problem. Any suggestions?

Very respectfully,
Kris and Kim Sandrick