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Thread: Maytag washer leaks at "times”

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    Maytag washer leaks at "times”

    Model Number: MVWC200xw1
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: 6-10 years

    My niece has this Maytag washer. At times it has a severe leak coming from under the machine. She said it only happens while doing larger, heavier loads, but not at every heavy load.

    So I went out today, removed the top, and ran a heavy load. Just like a car, I could not replicate this problem. Sat there the entire load and nothing. She couldn’t tell me during which cycle the leaking occurs but says it’s more than 2 bath towels will soak up. Any idea as to what or where the leak area might be.
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    My wife does it al the time - too much clothes. Some clothes different than others.

    She has done it with 4 different washing machines.

    This is OE - Operator Error.

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