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Thread: GE Profile Arctica PSS25SGMD not getting cold

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    GE Profile Arctica PSS25SGMD not getting cold

    Model Number: PSS25SGMD
    Brand: GE
    Age: More than 10 years

    This fridge just stopped being cold in both compartments [GE Profile Side by Side] and has a recent personal repair history. All that is working is the light and at least one fan (condenser fan by sound but i didn't open the panel yet) that I can hear. In September 2012 [five months ago], one solder joint blew out for one of the legs of the 832A-1C-S relay which I resoldered. Reinstalled the board and got the compressor to click on trying to start but only partial cooling occurred. I wound up replacing the condenser fan and it worked well for the last five months.

    I rechecked the solder joint I repaired in September and it seemed okay...what would be the next diagnostic in terms of a quick repair? The fridge is about 12 years old and is still in nice condition other than it not working currently...

    Thanks in advance!
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    If you had a burn spot on the control board, then there is usually a failure on the control board that caused that to happen. Resoldering the connection only is a temporary band-aid to the actual problem. If the compressor isn't running, and there is no power being sent to the compressor, then I would replace the control board.

    This is the main control board for your refrigerator:

    Main Control Board - Part # PD00000994 (mfg # WR55X10942)
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