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Thread: [FIXED] Samsung dryer runs, no lint clogs, good airflow, but no heat at all

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    We are having the same problem too. The dryer isn't heating, there is no air flow problem, the incoming electricity is at the correct voltage, and there are no Error codes. We have replaced the whole heating element assembly complete with the thermostat, cut off fuses, and the thermoster. We noticed that once that it was started and said the time was 40 min, and got something to drink and came back after 2 min and the time said 20 min. Could this be the control board? I thought it was a timer problem, but I can't find that in the parts diagram. Considering buying a dryer, but not a Samsung as it seems that they are built to only last 4 years. This is our first time trying to fix a dryer, so any help would be appreciated. Perhaps I should be asking what a good dryer brand is too! hahaha.

    Model number is DV42H5000EW/A3 (i don't know the next 4 numbers as its not in the door)
    Electric not gas model.
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