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Thread: KitchenAid Diswasher

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    KitchenAid Diswasher

    Model Number: KUDP02CR
    Brand: KitchenAid
    Age: 6-10 years

    I just purchased a new control board from PartsDr (W10084141) and installed it. It did not solve my problem. Orginally the normal cycle and cancel lights blinked on and off. Now with the new panel installed the heavy duty cycle and normal cycle lights blink on and off. Do I somehow need to reset the control by entering some code to get the panel in operation or is the control board not the problem?

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    If you pull off the bottom kickpanel of the dishwasher there should be a service sheet. Inside that sheet it will tell you what different blinking lights on your dishwasher mean and how to reset them by going into the service mode (keep in mind if you are getting an error code, it is for a reason. You will need to determine what is causing the error code). Read in there and see if any of the blinking lights correspond to an error code and post up what you find. If none of the blinking lights match up to and error code, then you could possibly have a bad user interface touch control (check to make sure the ribbon cable is properly seated in the control board).
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