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Thread: HELP! Kenmore Dryer will not stop running & timer will not advance.

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    HELP! Kenmore Dryer will not stop running & timer will not advance.

    Model Number: 110-77902792
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: More than 10 years

    I have a Kenmore, gas, Dryer (Model# 110-77902792) purchased in July 1999.
    The dryer will not shut off (in all modes) until I open the door. Also, the timer will not advance (sometimes the timer will advance a centimeter, but will never advance to the end cycle to shut off the dryer.)
    I had an appliance service repairman come out and diagnosed the problem as a bad Control Timer. He wanted $185 to install it, which I couldn't afford. So I purchased it on my own and installed it. This did not solve the problem, exact same symptoms. Since then I have replaced 3 additional parts and the SAME problem and symptoms exist.
    Here are a list of the parts I have replaced, in order:
    1) Control Timer (part#3976576)
    2) Thermostat (part#3387134)
    3) Thermal Fuse (part#3390719)
    4) Electronic Control (circut board) (part#3390537)
    I am at a loss as to what is wrong and completely at my wits end! Please help me. Our clothes are shrinking and my wife is pissed off. Thanks, Craig.

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    When it is on timed dry, I would check to see if you have 120 volts going to the timer motor. If you do, then the timer should be advancing. If it isn't then the timer is bad.

    I don't have a schematic for this model, if you could post it up, that would be helpful.
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