Model Number: LDF9810ST
Brand: LG
Age: 6-10 years

I replaced my vent fan motor assembly (with Repair Clinic part) and now the door no longer leaks (vent closes) but the dw no longer drys.

The wax motor show continuity but is in a closed (vent is closed) state without power. The vent moves with stong spring tension.

So the questions would be, is the vent normally open or closed with power off? What is the normal range (ohms) for resistance? Can I just hook this wax motor to 110v and see if it opens the vent? If so, then I'd assume the mother board to not be doing it's job but that would be quite the coincidence, eh?

Part# for the assembly: Part #PD00005691 | Mfg #ABT35083801