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Thread: frigidaire FGID247QF0A leaking

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    frigidaire FGID247QF0A leaking

    Model Number: FGID247QF0A
    Brand: Frigidaire
    Age: 1-5 years

    Looked around and can't find much info.

    It's leaking and tripping the overflow sensor. I believe it is leaking from the door because it is over filling inside. Hoses look fine and dry.
    First question is how full do dish washers fill up? I figured just a bit of water in the bottom pan and the water shouldn't fill to the door.

    Second question is this model does not appear to have a float switch(other then for the leak detection), perhaps someone can confirm? Is it a timer?

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    Your model number is not coming up. The closest model number I am finding is FGID2474QF0A. The water level in the dishwasher is determined by the pressure switch part # A00055406 and there is a also a leakage switch part number 14000056504 it looks like they also call this part a float switch. The water usually fills up just enough to cover the bottom floor of the dishwasher, it is usually not very deep. If the dishwasher is overfilling with water then the pressure switch could be bad.
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