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Thread: Kitchen Aid milky white film on glassware.

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    Kitchen Aid milky white film on glassware.

    Model Number: KUDC03IVWH0
    Brand: KitchenAid
    Age: More than 10 years


    My wife and I are having an issue with our dishwasher, every time we run the dishwasher a milky white film is left on all over everything. First we noticed it on the glassware but not we are noticing that even the plates and silverware isn't getting as clean. Its to the point either we try to fix it or buy a new dishwasher.

    The only part that I know (or think might be) the problem is that the detergent dispenser latch is broken so it doesn't stay shut. This means that no matter what the soap drops to the tub and is washed away with the first rinse. Could this be the culprit?

    If it is this then I will buy the part, if not and its just and old machine then I will buy a new dishwasher.

    Thank you for the help,

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    Hi Dan,

    The broken dispenser latch shouldn't have any relation to this type of problem. It sounds to me like the pump might be full of soap and/or hard water deposits. I would start by removing the removing the lower spray arm, and then the filter underneath that sits on top of the pump sump. Once you pull this apart look to see if there is a lot of soap or hard water deposits built up inside the sump. If there is then you can try to clean this, or you can replace the pump assembly.

    This is the pump assembly for your model dishwasher:

    Pump & Motor Assembly - Part # PD00008431 (mfg # W10780877)
    - Discount Appliance Parts & Accessories

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