Model Number: dv328aew
Brand: Samsung
Age: 6-10 years

Good evening

I have an 8 year old Samsung Electric dryer that stopped working this week. 3 months ago I had changed out the heating element and the dryer returned to regular operation. This weekend I did a complete load and started a second and after pushing the start button nothing would happen. The dryer panel functions and the countdown timer worked properly, but the dryer would not spin.

I opened it up and determined that the heating element and the assembly bracket thermostat were both damaged. I replaced the element and thermostat and re-assembled to find that the dryer still will not turn on. I do not hear a humming on the motor, only a clicking sound immediately following the button push. The door switch is functioning, all thermostats on the heater assembly are working, and i'm out of ideas on what else I can check.

The start button has been "finicky" over the years and doesn't always trigger the start, however, it will after 1-2 pushes. This doesn't seem to be related as the dryer changes to a "drying" status but does not actually spin the drum or heat up.

Thank you for any advice you can provide!