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Thread: Stuck in Demo Mode

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    Stuck in Demo Mode

    Model Number: RH22H9010SR/AA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    We recently had a house party, and at the end of the night found that our 2-yr-old Samsung refrigerator was displaying "O FF" on the display. We took to the internet and learned all about "demo mode" and the myriad ways to try and turn it off - all to no avail. All of the buttons work just fine, individually, as well as a few different combinations that do things (see below). BUT, at the end of the day, we appear to be stuck in demo mode. The lights & fans work normally, but there is no cooling action happening, whatsoever.

    Ideally, we can hit "Freezer" and "Lighting" buttons together, to turn off Demo Mode. This doesn't work, trust me.
    When we hit the "Freezer" and "Fridge" buttons together, all of the LEDs flash for a bit, then turn off (go back to normal). This is apparently a display reset.
    When we hit "Freezer" and "Energy Saver" buttons together, we get the following sequence of codes, repeating:
    -- -- / F8 04 / 2E b2 / 82 1E

    I cannot find any trouble code websites that are much help. The 1E and 2E codes may mean something, but the others don't ever get mentioned so I have my doubts as to the 1E and 2E, as well.

    We've had a local service tech out, and he has ordered a control board. It is now a week overdue with no signs of ever arriving, so I'm looking to fix it myself. Does anybody have any clue what to do next? There appear to be two different control boards on this fridge, in addition to an inverter. Anybody who can provide some insight would be a lifesaver.

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    A manual I found said to hold the Freezer and Fridge and Lighting buttons for 5 seconds to turn Demo mode on/off.

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