Model Number: SHX68T55UC/02
Brand: Bosch
Age: 1-5 years

We had been getting intermittent error codes on this washer for many months - Watertap, E22, E24 - but the unit always seemed to run through the cycles and clean the dishes.

Checked drains, supply lines, etc (even checked the resistance through the pumps - 78-79 ohms on the grey wires, and 15.3 ohms on the black).

Figuring it was a logic/control issue, we replaced the control module.

When I turned the unit back on, all of the button lights and all of the words on the display were lit and remained lit. I left it like that for a minute or so, then used the Reset button to get to where I could select a cycle.

It's run a few times with long cycle times (Rinse was 15 mins, not 9, and Express was 40-45 mins, not 30), and I've also gotten the Watertap & E24 errors again.

Any suggestions?