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Thread: Maytag Maxima: Door Lock Flashing; Have done extensive troubleshooting

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    Maytag Maxima: Door Lock Flashing; Have done extensive troubleshooting

    Model Number: MHW7000XG1
    Brand: Brand
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have searched high and low on this one. I will try to list my symptoms, and then the troubleshooting that I have already completed. I am almost all out of ideas. This is a puzzler for me.


    1. The first time any problems arose, it stopped in the middle of the cycle with an F2E6 error
    2. Uplugged, reset, and tried to start a load from scratch. When starting, the door locks, then the washer becomes unresponsive. The timer does count down, until the washer times out with an F2E6 error.
    3. Uplug, reset, and run diagnostics several times.
    C00: Relays click, door locks, then becomes unresponsive and stays on C00. I did this several times, and the drain pump activated once or twice.
    - Once or twice during the diagnostics, after the door locked, the the cold water valve will activate for 2-5 seconds, then shut off, and the washer becomes unresponsive again. I'm pretty sure this happened while still
    in C00, but it could have been during C02.
    - I was able to get past the C00 test only once or twice. Note that the door never unlocked, and it skipped C01 and C02, and went straight to C03 and became unresponsive.
    - Once I was able to manually step through the tests. The only other response I could get was from the dispensing system. It did move to position #1 like it should have. Important Note: once I was able to manually get to C04, the tests stepped through all the steps, but nothing was happening. No errors were reported, though
    4. The only things that I have gotten to activate since the error: Cold water valve, drain pump, door lock, dispenser motor

    5. I have not been able to get any of these to activate through running the washer or diagnostics: Door Unlock, Drum Rotation, Completed water fill (valve has activated a couple of times, but I can not consistently replicate)

    6. If I hit cancel at anytime during the diagnostics, the Door Lock light will just start flashing. I have to manually unlock the door and unplug to reset. I can not get the door to unlock by any other means than manually unlocking.


    1. Door lock system checked good. DL3 resistances within spec. Wiring Harness continuity and connections are good. I even manually actuated the door lock with 120V AC with it disconnected from everything else. Lock and Unlock both work.
    2. Valve Assembly resistances and harness continuity good.
    3. Dispenser Good
    4. Drain Pump Good
    5. User Interface 5V and 7V rails good. Connections and harness continuity good
    6. Line voltage and IF seem good.

    I have replaced the central control unit (CCU) and the washer has the exact same symptoms

    I have a door locking mechanism on order, but with it testing okay, I'm not sure if that's the issue. Item #6 under troubleshooting is why I thought it might be the mechanism.

    I have not tested the motor control unit, but could that cause a F2E6 error? What's to check next? At what point should I scrap this for parts (ignoring the time I've already put into it, lol)

    Thanks for any help that you can give me.

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    They don't show an F2E6 error code for this model washer. Are you sure it isn't F6E2?
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