Model Number: GSL251FRF BS
Brand: GE
Age: 6-10 years

Customer called me 3 weeks ago that Refrigerator was not cooling. I unplugged the unit for two minutes and plugged it back in and it started. Condensing coils were heavily covered so I cleaned it and left thinking i was just an overheat. Today he called with the same issue. No cooling. While I was on the phone with him He told me the water dispenser wasn't working . He then pressed the water dispenser and the compressor came on ! After a few minutes he pressed the dispenser again and the compressor turned off ! It came back on after a few seconds . Every time he pressed the water dispenser it turned the compressor off for a few seconds.
My thought is a short i the door wiring? Any other thoughts? Does the dispenser panel have any control over the compressor?