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Thread: Maytag Washer Mortor Runs, But Only One of the Two Belts works

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    Maytag Washer Mortor Runs, But Only One of the Two Belts works

    Model Number: A612
    Brand: Maytag
    Age: More than 10 years


    Yesterday our workhorse washer emitted some smoke and shut-off before the water was filled.

    I unplugged it, and my wife pulled the laundry out of the half-full drum. Half an hour later I plugged it back in, turned the dial to spin and all of the water was drained (although I didn't hear the drum spinning. I checked the door lid switch by starting the spin cycle, and it stopped when I opened the door, eliminating the switch as a cuplrit.

    This morning I removed and checked the belts and both (three years old) seemed fine. When I removed the front panel I noticed that the motor's ground wire had broken off, so I removed the bolt and reattached it. My wife did another load of laundry and the clothes were not as dry as usual, indicating that it drum hadn't spun. Thinking that the motor may have blown and caused the smoke I restarted the spin cycle and noticed that the motor was running and the front belt to the water pump was working perfectly but, the belt from the motor pulley to large pulley beneath the drum was not moving. I unplugged the machine and, as recommended in a YouTube video, removed the belt to determine if the pulley could be easily turned by hand, and it does.

    I ran the machine once again and determined that the main belt was not turning the pulley to agitate so, my question is, Why does the top pulley connecting the belt the the pulley below the transmission not turn in the wash or spin cycle, yet the lower pulley turning the water pump pulley does?

    Any help in solving this mystery will be appreciated; this 1986 washer doesn't owe me a dime but, I'd love to keep it working because its 26 inch width fits next to my dryer where the newer 27 inch models will not.

    Thank you,


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    Washer Fixed.

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