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Thread: Haier dishwasher DWL7075 running with door open and running drain pump only

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    Haier dishwasher DWL7075 running with door open and running drain pump only

    Model Number: DWL7075
    Brand: Brand
    Age: Less than 1 year

    I have a Haier DWL7075 dishwasher that is almost one year old. It just suddenly stopped working. I checked the breaker, the wiring to the dishwasher and have replaced the door assembly switch. It seems to not be latching correctly, and when the door is opened, continues to drain - it does not stop as it used to. The touchpad responds to touch but only the drain starts and then it will beep, flash the start button light and shut off no matter which cycle I had chosen. What could this be?

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    I didn't reasearch this specific model, but from the look of most common parts, it looks inspired by Kitchen Aid dishwashers of a few years ago (although with much less expensive spare parts).

    Some dishwashers have protections agains water flooding, which when triggered can make the pump run continuously. Some conditions which can cause this include : a moisture sensor or float in the double bottom of the unit, a water level that got too high, a fill time that is too long, etc. These can usually force the pump on as a safety measure.

    Maybe also it tries to start each cycle by emptying out the tub, and a bad sensor reading makes it think that there's still water in the tub so it aborts the cycle.

    Again, these are general guidelines, but sometimes a plugged hose, stuck float, etc. can cause similar situation.

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    Haier appliances, like most German gadgets, are difficult to repair and replacement parts are hard to find or have to be shipped from Germany (especially their dishwashers) but it seems like it might be a bad sensor.
    Just my 2 cents...

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