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Thread: Elextrolux dryer keeps saying door open when closed

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    Elextrolux dryer keeps saying door open when closed

    Model Number: EWMED70SS0
    Brand: Electrolux
    Age: 1-5 years

    I have an Electrolux dryer, every year I have to replace heater coil. No problem, this time when I replaced it, the dryer said the door was open when still closed. I checked switch out and it has continuity on it when depressed. I found out that I had one wire going to switch broken, I replaced wire but it still says the door is open. I ordered a new control module but the new one says the door is open still. Can the switch for the door be bad when it shows continuity?


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    I do not have any info on this unit so the below is just a guess.

    Yes a switch can be bad if it has continuity.
    It could have continuity all the time (closed) which is no good.
    It must be infinite ohms and then when activated 0 ohms or the opposite depending on the switch.
    I do not know if the door open is an open switch or a closed switch. It could be either.

    Also when measuring use resistance not continuity on your meter.
    With continuity you do not know what they consider continuity it could be kilohms.

    Try measuring the switch at the control board to see if it opens and closes.
    Also use the door when you do this not activating the switch manually.

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