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Thread: Loose wires in samsung microwave?

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    Loose wires in samsung microwave?

    Model Number:

    Model Number:

    OK, hopefully this proves to be as dumb a question as I think it is....

    No power to microwave, pulled the panel, tested the 20A fuse, it's blown....OK, will get a new one tomorrow. Easy peasy, right?

    Here's whats twisting my brain...i was very careful pulling the panel so I don't think i pulled them loose, but there are two red wires free floating inside the panel, and a second of two thermistors that has nothing connected. Logic says "connect them dummy, there's no where else to put 'em!" Self-preservation reflex says "maaaaybe not."

    Can't find a wiring diagram on the web to confirm, so thought I'd try here....thanks!
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    Are you sure they are required and not there for a modification or other that isn't installed on your model

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