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Thread: Samsung dryer roller friction is too big, how to solve

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    Samsung dryer roller friction is too big, how to solve

    Model Number: DV42H5000
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: Less than 1 year

    The friction of the Samsung dryer roller is too large, causing the motor current to be too large after the dryer starts, and the overcurrent relay is turned on. Is there any plan to reduce the roller friction?

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    I am not sure why you think the roller has too much friction.

    There are thousands of these out there and this is the first time I have seen this complaint other than old units where the rollers/bearings have worn.

    I do notice that you have to but the roller and shaft when replacing them so perhaps there was a problem.

    Be sure to check drum seals and the idler wheel to be sure that they are not adding too much friction.

    Also a drop of 3 in one or machine oil on the shafts may help, Do not use WD40.

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    It is rarely actually a problem with friction unless one of the drum roller wheels is seized up. More common on these Samsung dryers is the motor itself just being bad.
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