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I agree, the sandwich of glass, adhesive, circuit board has a factory lamination issue that is heat sensitive. I used a paint stripper heat gun, but on the circuit board side instead of the glass. It lasted about a week, and now reccurs every couple days. And usually in the morning after a night of cooling. Rather than going down to the basement every time, I installed a momentary off button using the blue power wire going to the panel. That resets the error and it lasts a couple days. Another idea is to leave the microwave door cracked open at night. The light may provide enough heat to keep the panel warm enough to prevent capacitive layer contraction. I’ll try that for a few days and report back.
After cleaning and heating many timed, i finally hot a replacement panel on ebay for $300.
Have to be carefull to match numbers since similar panel used for wall oven or double oven and combo etc.
New panel is Rev C and works great.
Fast forward, micro wave ok but now wall oven is same stuck key.
Doing the cleaning and heating
It is obviously a calibration setting that is wrong in the micro code running the panel.
So it thinks a key is pressed when nothing going on.
Replacement panels probably have updated code.
Jenn air should replace panel and recycle by updating old panel.
Watching for new oven panel now.
Meanwhile heating and cleaning are in the works.
Mayby look into the connector thing also

JennAir should be ashamed.
Maybe we need a TV expose of poor customer service
Flood internet with pictures of Lemons hangjng on ovens