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Thread: Refrigerator part

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    Refrigerator part

    Model Number: et8wtkxkq00
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: More than 10 years

    I would like to fix my Whirlpool refrigerator, but not sure what part I need. Here is the problem, when I first opened the door, everything was warm, motor sounded rough. I turned off the refrigerator for a day and tried to turn it back on and now there is nothing, it does not turn on at all. Do you know what part I would need to fix this?
    Thank you

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    Sorry but I cannot say which part is bad.
    You need to do more troubleshooting.

    I am assuming that by "now there is nothing" you mean that the compressor and both fans are off but the interior light still works.

    Give it some time, it could be that you are in a defrost cycle. This usually takes 20 minutes or so.

    Also you will need the tech sheet / wiring diagram.
    It may be tored under the unit in the machine compartment.

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    Yes, when I went to turn the refrigerator back on, it did not turn on. I forgot to mention that when I first opened the door the other day, everything was warm because, I could feel warm air blowing out instead of cold air. This was in the freezer also. That is when I turned the refrigerator off. The interior light still works.

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    Do you have the wiring diagram.?

    Did you leave the unit on for at least half an hour to see if it would start up?

    Did you turn the temperature control up and down (not to off) just to be sure there is not a dead spot in it?

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    No, I don't have the wiring diagram. I did what you said and turned it on, waited 20 minutes and it did come back on. I can hear it running. The fan in the freezer is working. When I open the refrigerator door, and wait a minute, I hear something that is trying to start and then it quits. I am wondering if it is the compressor?

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    Remove the toe kick plate and the rear cover.

    Is the condenser/compressor fan running.
    If the evaporator/freezer fan is on this fan should also be on.

    Check if the compressor is on.
    You can usually hear the compressor running but it also should be warm and you can feel it vibrating.
    It does sound like it may be a compressor problem.
    It tries to start, overheats and trips the thermal protect. Then when it cools down it does this again.

    This can be caused by a bad compressor, a bad start device or a bad capacitor.

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