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Thread: Dishwasher smells and doesn't fully clean

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    Dishwasher smells and doesn't fully clean

    Model Number:
    Brand: Brand
    Age: Less than 1 year

    whirlpool W10431036A
    Dishwasher about 12 years old.
    I think it started with bad smell after washes (which came out perfectly clean though) and I learned to keep the bottom filter clean (I never really knew it was there and just assumed the dishwasher/food disposal took care of food bits).

    Recently it was starting the cycle by filling the bottom with water as it should but then stopping. I had to press cancel/start button and that's all I could get the machine to do.

    I checked the float sensor on the bottom seemed good.
    The clear hose leading to the food disposal seems clean but does have some dark smudges within it but I don't think a slightly clogged exit hose is causing the problem.
    I pulled the unit out to get familiar with the pump assembly since that's what researching lead to be a likely problem. But while I had the unit pulled out and ran it, it went through the complete cycle and seemed fixed by itself. I pushed it back and used it a few times no problem except that the bad smell after washes came back quite obviously. So I made sure filters were always clean but it would still smell and now it's not doing a great job at washing. I sometimes have to run it twice and set it for 'heavy, pots and pans', and now it just doesn't wash nearly as good as it should and still smells pretty much constantly.

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    I cannot find any info on the given model number, please check it.
    Or is this a non North American unit?

    As far as the small it could be it is not installed correctly.

    Below is good info on installation

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    whirlpool WDT710PAYM2
    s/n F21320874
    ^ the correct model #, sorry about that.

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    Below is a link to a service manual which you can download and should help you diagnose/fix this.

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    If you are suffering from these problem and home appliance repair service then you can consult with you nearby repair service provider.

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    I think it might have only been a clog in the P trap and the line from the secondary sink. The dishwasher runs into the food disposal under the main sink and there's a side sink that connects to just above the P trap, well the horizontal pvc running from the secondary sink was a tad unlevel in the wrong way. I noticed the side sink was draining slow so I thought it was the P trap. I took all the PVC apart. The vertical pvc from the side sink was almost clogged shut, the P trap was clean. I'm hoping it was simply that when the chunks of food fill the P trap, it enters the horizontal PVC from the side sink and then struggles to push everything up and out the P trap. Thus was getting cloudy dirty water sometimes and the smell was also coming from the side sink (although much more noticeably when the dishwasher was opened, which seems sort of contrary to the clogged PVC from the side sink being the cause which should smell as bad above the sink as the dishwasher smelled.

    Anyway, it's being working fine though mostly for the past few weeks from starting this thread, but then just now cleaned major clogging in the pvc so hopefully that's all it was.

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    Was it difficult to get to the PVC and take it down?

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    The dishwasher moves to the food settlement bellow the original sink and there is a side sink that connects just above the P trap, well is has been working fine since staring this thread for most of the last few weeks, but now has just cleaned the main clogging on the PVC that was it.

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    Place a bowl of white vinegar in a stable bowl on the top rack of the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher on the hottest cycle available. The acid in the vinegar will break down the deposits inside the equipment and make it smell fresh. After the cycle is complete, remove the bowl from the dishwasher. I hope this might work for removing the dishwasher smell.

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    I had countless issues with the washing machine: water leaks, it didn't rinse out the clothes well, I considered replacing the machine, but I found a good handy man to fix it - I replaced the rusted hose and it turns out that you need to clean the washing machine every 6 months to avoid breakdowns.
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    We all enjoy the activities like cooking, chatting or having meals with families and friends in our kitchen. As a result, a comfortable and clean kitchen environment can matter a lot. However, among the things we do in our kitchens, the most annoying thing should definitely be the cleaning. Piles of dirty dishes and tableware can damper our mood. To solve this, more and more people choose to hook up a dishwasher in their kitchen and become reliant on it. However, you may find that the dishwasher smells sometimes, which forces people to think about effective solutions to how to remove dishwasher odors. Let’s see and free your kitchen from odors.
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