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Thread: Samsung french door refrigerator with ice buildup on back wall

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    Samsung french door refrigerator with ice buildup on back wall

    Model Number: RF260BEAEWW/AA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    Our 6 year old Samsung french door refrigerator has an ice build up problem on the back wall.

    It looks like it originates from the open ovals located near the center of the back wall. We melted the ice away and replaced the door gaskets (even though they did not look bad). We vacuumed any dust away from the base of the refrigerator while we had it pulled away from the wall. There was very little dust to pick up. The ice started to build up on the back wall again overnight. We live in southern California so high humidity is not common. Today it is 16%...

    A little over 6 months ago the heater water tube that feeds water to the icemaker in the bottom freezer drawer needed to be replaced (I had replaced the ice maker and still no ice was made so we called for Authorized Samsung repair service). It was VERY DIFFICULT for the technician to remove this tube from the back of the refrigerator. Literally the tube finally came out of the refrigerator after some extreme pulling, but it was INSIDE OUT (the outside of the tube did not come out until the inside came out. It has been 6 months, but I do not know if this extreme pulling could have damaged something else and maybe causing the ice build-up problem?

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    Model: RF30HBEDBSR/AA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 4-5 years

    I have the same problem with our Samsung. There was a great Parts Dr video ( that showed how to replace the fan, and there was another great video that showed a few more things to fix/change to make it work better- move the temperature sensor for the defroster and change the clip that attaches to the heating element to keep the drain clear of ice (

    I got a new fan and the drain clip, but when we put the fan in, the piece that it clips into is so corroded it missing one of the pins! I cannot find anything about how to replace this or what part it is or how to access the part. Any ideas?

    I looked into all this because there was standing water on the bottom of the fridge and it was not cooling properly-- the temp said 34 but I used another thermometer and it said 56 degrees! No wonder our dairy was going bad!!! With all the moisture, fruits and veggies are spoiling very fast as well.

    I'd totally be in for filing a class lawsuit... Samsung is of NO help. Looks like they were already sued for icemakers not working...
    Pin missing from bottom right of receptor on bottom right:
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    Pin missing from bottom right of receptor on bottom right:

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    I have the same problem. Did you end up with a fix, or did you have to get a new fridge?

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    HOW TO FIX Evaporator Freeze and Ice under Crisper.

    HOW TO FIX Evaporator Freeze and Ice under Crisper.
    1. Check out Tarpmaster on Tiktok.
    2. Check out Ryan at Parts Dr. videos on Youtube. Thanks for helping us all learn how to fix these crappy products!!!

    SOLUTIONS. This is a known problem that Samsung refrigerators have and that Samsung has not told us how to fix. Let's go through some steps to sort this:

    1. Push Freezer and Refrigerator buttons for 10 seconds to get a diagnostic code. 25 C is for defrost on too long or problem with defrost circuit. This may or may not mean you need to replace parts....keep reading. This is where Samsung claims you need to spend $600 on a repair- DON'T BELIEVE THEM. Keep reading.

    2. Try Forced Defrost function. Does it temporarily solve the problem? If so, we then know your defrost circuit works. Good news! Push Freezer and Lighting for 10 seconds. I find I have to do it twice and second time works. Then push Freezer button repeatedly to get to FD- Forced Defrost. Unplug or switch off at breaker to reset refrigerator ALTHOUGH..... refrigerator automatically ends FD after awhile.

    3. Temporary Fix. Empty refrigerator. Leave freezer. Get a hair dryer and tube-rolled silicon cookie sheet or paper towel tube- stick it in those ovals at the back of refrigerator to melt the ice. This should fix your problem for about 2 weeks. This is also a necessary step before getting further into the refrigerator.... there's fragile foam in their and it will break if you don't melt the ice completely.

    4. Follow Ryan's steps to get into the evaporator chamber. Be careful with your evaporator! I have heard from many people that replacing the drains AND putting a clip at the bottom drain below evaporator fixes the problem. Also, add better drain, add foil, and insulation to keep evaporator from freezing drain.

    5. Check out this kit that Samsung makes for $20. PART: DA82-01415A Look at samsung's description for this part.....fixes frozen evaporator and ice under crisper. Why charge us $600 to fix this a simple problem? Why does Samsung hide this simple fix? That is where Samsung is GOING WRONG. Samsung should not deceptively hide an easy $20 solution! They should admit it and help us fix it. Samsung worries that this kit is an admission - a smoking gun that they failed to design their refrigerator correctly.....but we all know these refrigerators SUCK. What is so so wrong is Samsung not helping us fix this.

    6. My refrigerator still isn't fixed. I will try to report back solutions. The problem seems to be a failure to defrost. This causes ice buildup and causes the water spills and high temps in the refrigerator.
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