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Thread: Samsung WF56H9100AW washer no display but can hear click when power button pressed

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    Samsung WF56H9100AW washer no display but can hear click when power button pressed

    Model Number: WF56H9100AW
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    My Samsung washer last year started losing display intermittently like power was turned off. I unplugged and plugged back in, checked power cord, checked breaker, checked proper voltage to washer and main pcb all ok. Then after about a week of this it started working ok again. Now a year later it did the same thing but now it won’t do anything.
    After unplugging it and plug back in I get a red blinking light on main pcb, then if I press power on button the power relay clicks and I get a red blinking light on the power board with heatsink. There are no lights on control panel, no beeps or anything and unit will not start after pressing start button.
    I have tried to go into service mode, test mode etc but it will not do anything when pressing appropriate buttons. Power button is the only one that does do something.
    I read online manual and checked for power to main pcb good 120v. Then I checked for 12vdc to control panel, good also, after pressing start I will also get 5vdc to control panel but again no display. I’m not sure if I did these test checks properly but telling as much as I can.
    The drum light has as long as I can remember stayed on 24/7. I’m not sure if it as bright when door is closed but still on visible at night. Just odd. I have checked door switch and it is good.
    I really need help determining which part to order. I am having problems with my Samsung dryer and refrigerator that I will do a separate post for those as well. Not really liking Samsung.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    I am looking for the main control board for my Samsung washer model number WF56H9100AW/A2.
    I looked up my model number on and had part# dc92-01645A
    When I look up part on parts dr. It shows dc92-01803B and also dc92-01645a depending which end prefix I pick of model number.

    Are the two compatible or one newer version? What is the difference? I prefer the dc92-01803B it is cheaper ��

    The sticker on my washer shows model WF56H9100AW/A2
    Serial number is 0BF25AEF900578W Looks like date code of 2014.09
    Thanks, William

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    Hello Puzzled,
    It sounds to me like you are having an issue with the user interface board? Seems like if you have voltage from your main board you should be getting displays. And given that board communicates inputs with the main pcb you may only have to replace a UI board. Although a tech line would tell you to replace both or all 3 (if it has a third) . sucks whe to guess with pricey electronics, but often there is no choice.
    Hope this helps,

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    Hi LearnMeSomething,
    My Samsung dryer did basically the same thing, display would go off and on, could not start dryer, then no display at all etc. online tech told me it was user interface board (front control panel) so I bought that and changed it but still same problem. I ended up just wiring in two switches one for drum motor and one for heater so my wife could dry clothes until I figure out the right part. She does not mind having to turn on two switches, at least now she can dry clothes. The washer is a bit to complicated to wire in switches so I need to figure out which board it is. I have contacted partsdr. And Samsung and a couple other places but no one will reply back. It seems most techs guess and hope they are right. I read in another thread that the tech said 12v to control panel then when power button pressed it sends signal back to main board which is why I hear the power relay clicks and then it should send 5v to panel lights which I seem to have 5v going to control panel but I’m waiting to hear from a knowledgeable tech as I don’t want to buy control panel board and have it not work like with my dryer.

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    When the system displays an error code, it informs the user of a fault. You need to get the meaning of Samsung washer error codes and start the repair.


    The Samsung washer is not draining properly

    Check the drain system: the most common cause of the malfunction is the blocked branch pipe or the pump.

    Unplug the machine. Turn off the water.

    Disconnect the hoses.

    Remove the detergent drawer by pressing the central locking button.

    Open the hatch of the drain filter at the bottom of the front panel.

    Empty the water and clean the filter.

    Put the washer on a side so that you can access the bottom.

    Find the pump and the branch pipe; loosen the clamps securing the pipe.

    Disconnect the wiring.

    Remove the screws securing the pump.

    After removing the pump, check it for blockage.

    Remove the branch pipe and wash it.

    Check the pipe carefully for any damage. The most frequent case is disintegration at the clamp connections. If the branch pipe or the pump is out of order, replace the element

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